The Lord’s Supper
The Lord’s Supper is another name for the Eucharist,  the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving the church offers to God for all God has done, is doing, and will do to save us and renew all things in Christ.  Through offering ourselves in praise and thanksgiving, and through receiving the bread and cup– which the Spirit makes for us the body and blood of Christ– celebrating the Lord’s Supper together nourishes and sustains us in our journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.
As we pray together and receive the body and blood of Christ together, we are united with Christ, with one another, and in ministry to all the world.  All who love Christ, earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another are invited to join us in offering our prayer of thanksgiving and receive the body and blood of Christ– regardless of age or church membership.
The Lord’s Supper is to be celebrated and received regularly.  John Wesley said, “as often as [one] can.” The Lord’s Supper is served every Sunday here at Lake Shore.